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Explore Our Mudrooms

What we can do for you
The mudroom acts as a space that helps you get in and out of the house fast. It provides you with storage for the essentials, from your shoes to your umbrellas. However, most homes don’t have mudrooms, and instead have inadequate, ineffective spaces. The solution lies with Maui’s custom-made mudrooms.

One of the benefits of a custom mudroom is you can design it to match your style. We can match it with your home’s theme or add a unique charm that matches your personality. You have control over the design process. 
How it works
Having a custom mudroom will not only make your space unique, but it also means that you get every feature you desire in one place. Do you need additional storage like drawers and shelves? We can create that for you. Here are some other features you may find enticing:
  • Wall hooks for holding bags and jackets
  • Boot trays to keep your home free from dirt
  • Cushions and seats for comfort
  • Umbrella holders to keep your home free from water
  • Message boards
  • And many more
Let's customize your mudroom
With the right design, a custom mudroom becomes a way to stay efficient and organized in your home. We design mudrooms based on your preferences – contact us today to learn more.

Let's Get Started!

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